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Rewritten Manual chapter 3.5 Editors - Movie Clip Editor.pdf

We have a new rewritten chapter for the Bforartists 1 manual. 3.5 Editors - Movie Clip Editor.pdf

Yes i know, i said the chapter Bforartists Manual 1 is closed. And that i work at the Bforartists 2 manual now. But this intermediate step here is simply too big. It would have been a shame to dismiss it. And so i have added this chapter to the Bforartists manual 1 now.

This manual part has grown now to 91 pages. It was around 30 or so before the rewrite. And i have removed lots of unnecessary and not belonging parts of the initial Blender manual. A general tutorial what Motion Tracking is, or so called best practice tips does simply not belong into a reference manual.

The manual is here:

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Closing the Bforartists Google + page

Google has announced that they will shut down Google + for private persons after a data leak in spring this year. Not immediately. The closing process is announced to go across the next ten months.

This message about the leak never arrived at us users. As a consequence we have closed our Google+ page immediately. The Bforartists Google + page not longer exists.

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Bforartists 1.0.0 is now a github branch and archived

We have ended the official development at Bforartists 1 now. Well, there wasn't any changes for a pretty while. But Bforartists 1 is now an archived branch in the repository. And not longer the master. The name of this branch is bforartists_100_last.

This ends the Bforartists 1 line. All further code in the master is now to prepare and develop Bforartists 2.

The reason is that for Windows we are dependant at the precompiled Blender libs. And they have long removed the old Libs to compile it with VS 2013. Plus the libs for VS 2017, which worked at least until last week, are not compatible anymore with Bforartists 1 since of now. And so there is no way to compile Bforartists 1 anymore at Windows without to compile the libraries by yourself. A task for a life time ...

For users nothing changes. You can still download the binaries.

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New manual chapter 3.3.1 Editors - UV-Image Editor by tools.pdf

3.3.1 Editors - UV-Image Editor by tools.pdf is the next new chapter in the manual. The chapter 3.1.1 - 3D View by tools - Tool Shelf.pdf got also a few updates. Mark and clear seams was missing.

This closes the changes at the manual for Bforartists 1. Rewriting the manual to Bforartists 2 will be a completely different chapter, and a completely different manual then.

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New manual chapter 3.13.1 Editors - User Preferences by tools.pdf

And yet another new manual chapter. 3.13.1 Editors - User Preferences by tools.pdf

The complete manual pdf file is also updated. It can be found in the Wiki, Manual section:

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New Manual chapter 3.11.1 Editors - File browser by tools.pdf

We have a new manual chapter. 3.11.1 Editors - File browser by tools.pdf

The complete manual pdf file is also updated. It can be found in the Wiki, Manual section:

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Back at work

Hey Folks,

The development of Blender 2.8 has grown to a point where we can say if it makes sense to continue with the active development of the fork. The question to stop the fork was risen since the Blender developes finally fixes so much at  the UI.

To make it short, it makes still sense to continue. As expected it's the whole usability philosophy that still suffers. On the positive side, lots of things have changed to better. Kudos to the Blender developers, they did a great job at some ends. They have even finally made the 3D cursor hidable. Something that Bforartists had from the first moment on. They have now icon buttons in the tool shelf too. And will surely borrow a few more things from Bforartists.

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Reupload of the Windows 64 Bit installer

We had a litte problem in the installer for the 64 Bit windows version. The file association with Blender files did not work. Some cobolds deleted a vital part in the installer script. The cobolds are catched, the installer is now fixed and reuploaded.

We recommend to uninstall the old version, redownload the 64 Bit installer, and reinstall Bforartists when the file association is missing. The new installer version will add the file association with blend files then. To check if it has worked, right click at a blend file, choose "open with", and there you should find Bforartists in the list now.

Sorry for the inconvenience folks. Some bugs always makes it through ...

- Reiner

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Bforartists 1.0.0 Mac version available

The Mac version of Bforartists 1.0.0 is now available. Many thanks Andre Smile

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Bforartists 1.0.0 released

This is it. Version 1.0.0 is gold. This development cylce is finished. Many thanks for all the help and support. Thanks to the team members. Enjoy Bforartists Smile

The download can as usual be found in the download section. We have also as usual first the Windows binaries ready. The Mac version will most probably follow this weekend. We have unfortunately still no good news for Linux. We have no maintainer for it anymore. But you can always build it by yourself. The source code is at Github. And the advice how to compile Blender works for Bforartists in the same way.
The release notes are located here:


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