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Bforartists 2

Hi Reiner,

Long time no see you, how are you ? Smile

I would ask you what would look like for Bforartists 2 in terms Gui ? what features you will work based on Blender 2.80 ? who work for Bforartists 2 ? what is your plan for future Bforartists ?

Happy coding !



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Hi Smile

The roadmap is set in the manifest thread.

In short, we will merge Blender 2.8 into Bforartists, check what old changes to keep and what to revert, and then look what can be further improved. Usual candidates are double menu entries, easy menu access, changes at the keymap, getting rid of the monochrome icons, and so on.

And the size of the staff depends of who wants to work at something. I cannot speak for others here. Every helping hand is welcome :)

Kind regards


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