Need help with testing bforartist flatpak

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Need help with testing bforartist flatpak

I forked almost two months ago official blender flatpak repo, and changed it to build bforartist instead. In my opinion it should work, bforartist is not so different from blender. As I currently tested it, dependencies are compiling without any error but I couldn't test bforartist. I have weak spec laptop, and building whole package is taking a bit too long, so I'd be gladly pleased when someone with more powerful rig would build it and test it.

Package is based on freedesktop sdk 1.6, so more people could use it. I had to set and build inner python environment, because built one was too old (python3.5).

My repo with fork

Official flatpak manual about building, testing packages.

If any help is needed, please ask.

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