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Bforartists 0.9.2 released

Bforartists Version 0.9.2 is around cleaning up the menus and connecting some loose ends. It adds some more tools to the toolbar editor. We have over 50 new icons. Again quite a few double menu entries were catched and removed. Some more tools made it into the tool shelf. The Toolbar type View is gone, and replaced by the Toolbar Type Mesh Edit. It also brings a few important fixes. The Mac build now compiles. The Player and quite a few other missing things is now onboard too.

And we have again some vital changes at the keymap to remove some conflicts and inconsistencies. Most important one is that Move and Rotate in the Viewport is now switched to be consistent with the rest of the editors. Now the Middle Mouse button pans the view like in the Image Editor. And Right Mouse rotates the view.

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Bforartists now also compiles at Mac

We received a patch from Steve Streeting that fixes some flaws in the building process of the Mac version. And so Bforartists should compile fine now against Xcode 8.2.1.

Many Thanks Steve Smile

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Bforartists 0.9.1 released

Bforartists Version 0.9.1 is a bug fix release that fixes some show stoppers. Bforartists did not compile at Linux because of wrong Python version. The addons in the Testing category didn't show. And quite a few addons didn't work anymore.

The hotkey map was here and there flawed. And not loger in sync with the manual. This keymap manual part is also updated to the latest version now. Affected is the chapter 2.1 Bforartists Standard Keymap.pdf  . Most important change is that the Q key now toggles the 3D widget. While the former to Q assigned rectangle zoom is not longer hotkeyed.

The download can be found in the download section:

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Manual updated to Bforartists 0.9.0

The manual is updated to the changes of Bforartists 0.9.0. It was a bigger operation this time, since we had to update the manuals to the Blender 2.78 changes too. The manual is not finished with these steps. Just updated to be at least equal with the Blender manual.

Removed chapters: 7.3 Rigging - Posing.pdf , 7.4 Rigging - Skinning.pdf

New chapters: 2.3 Grease Pencil.pdf , 7.3 Rigging Lattice.pdf , 18 pipeline.pdf

Changed files: 2 Interface.pdf , 2.2 Layouts.pdf , 3.1 Editors - 3D View.pdf , 3.5 Editors - Movie Clip Editor.pdf , 3.14 Editors - Toolbar Editor.pdf , 7.2 Rigging Armatures.pdf , 11 Compositing.pdf

And the chapter history is not longer chapter 18 but chapter 20

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Bforartists 0.9.0 released

Version 0.9.0 brings the features of Blender 2.78 C to Bforartists. Wich is a big step towards version 1.0. Just some minor changes and rearrangements are missing now at the software. The biggest part will be documentation. And there is a ton of work waiting here.

The merge with Blender 2.78 makes the very most issues in the release note. It was necessary to go through nearly every formerly implementation. So don't wonder that the release log is this huge. Fingers crossed that not too much is broken by the merge.

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Server Upgrade

The server is under an upgrade, and will be temporary down in the next few hours. So don't worry when you cannot reach the page. We will be back soon.

EDIT, the task is done, the page is running at the new server now.

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Manual updated to Bforartists 0.8.0

The manual is updated to reflect the changes for Bforartists 0.8.0. The chapter 2.2 Layouts is modified. And we have a new chapter called 3.14 Editors - Toolbar Editor.pdf that covers the new toolbar editor.

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Bforartists 0.8.0 released

Bforartists 0.8.0 is out. Version 0.8.0 brings the new Toolbar editor. Which was the main work for this release. The buttons to switch between modes are removed again. We have a new theme from Tetsuoo, called Cinema4D. The Node Icons Panel addon is added. The Mesh Tools / Set Dimensions addon was added. And a few other small things are changed.

This release is a special milestone. Bforartists is basically feature complete. I have changed what i was able to change with my limited man power and knowledge. What remains is fine tuning, refinements and some small changes.

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Manual updated to Bforartists 0.7.0

I have added the changes from Bforartists 0.7.0 to the manual.

Affected are the chapters 2.2 Layouts.pdf and 3.1 Editors - 3d View.pdf

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Bforartists 0.7.0 released

Version 0.7.0 is mainly cleanup work in the Properties editor. Quite a few things are hidden in subtabs now when you open a panel. Which makes navigation easier. The rest is a few cleanup things like removed some more double menu entries and placed tools at another location. And the Create Isocam addon is added.

The development focus goes slowly away from changes at Bforartists and towards the documentation. I really start to dig for issues where i formerly simply stumbled across them by opening Bforartists. And the documentation is also a very important chapter. The Youtube video channel has some more content now. And there will be more to come.

More info can be found in the Release Note:


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