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There are several options available to install and to build the Bforartists source code.

For Windows

Building_Bforartists_with_Cmake_and_VS_2013_at_Windows_7.pdf - 1.6 Mb - The editable version as an Open Office version can be downloaded here

Note that the following methods are currently not supported anymore:
with Microsoft Visual Studio and SCons
with MinGW and SCons
with MinGW and CMake

Legacy docs:

with Microsoft Visual Studio and CMake - Legacy version - Old version made with a Bforartists before 0.9.0, which was equal to Blender 2.76. Bforartists 0.9.0 was the merge of Blender 2.78. And a few things have changed now.

For Linux

with Cmake and SCons

Building_with Ubuntu 17.pdf - 1.18 Mb

For Mac

with Xcode