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"Me and my workmates here in the microstudio have started working on a "Mascot". There is no immediate need. Yet, pro's of this is to keep the audience awake and attentive meanwhile Blender takes their time to update the Blender 2.8 master code. Pro's could help generate a more personal "artistic" feel about the branding of Bforartists, and be used in all kinds of publicity and illustrative purposes. Also, we can have a walkthrough tutorial series built around an artistic topic 100% inside Bforartists." - Draise


- Create a Mascot for publicity purposes on Facebook (and maybe twitter/instagram)
- Document and tutorialize the entire process for official Bforartists artistic tutorial series
- Do it 100% in Bforartists


- Create the tasks in the Files github
- Work on initial proposals
- Vote on the best one to further develop with my artists and plan a designsheet
- Create a tutorial series plan and workflow progress - fill the tracker
- Just do it.

Facebook Page for updates and polls

Forum thread fordisucssion:

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