"Dude Trouble"

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This weeks entry for the weekend challenge. - Themed "DESSERT"

Actually there was no Bforartists used here, since the Blender 2.8 beta was officialy released today, I gave it a try and used it from start to finish… and I am very impressed, the tools are the same, but the experience is beyond comparison from before. -  Acute

This is my entry, titled: “Dude…Trouble!”

"It might be the end or just the beginning of a story? - Who knows? ^^"

Modeled, sculpted, textured and rendered via Cycles in Blender 2.8b.
Have a great weekend everyone. Happy modeling and rendering.

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How has your experience with 2.8 thus far?

I gave it a quick whirl. I have to admit icons without colour really slows things down for me personally.