Fibre Optics Light Sphere

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This is the icosphere that is found among the shapes already provided in BforArtists, modified to be a little more interesting than usual. I added a solidify modifier and a wireframe modifier to make it into a hollow sphere, and added a little more thickness. Then I added a painted wood material in brown and grey, and UV spheres to serve as the ends of fibre optics filaments formed into bulbs.

I placed the sphere on a corner table of a room, and kept the room dimly lit so that the fibre optics bulbs would glow in the semi-darkness. The fibre optics are powered by a hidden button battery, and the on/off switch is operated wirelessly by a universal remote control or a smart phone. It is useless as a lamp, but it makes for a somewhat eerie night light. Those of you who are gamers may have noticed that the lights are patterned into the shape of a shield.


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