Pear Sign

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The sign board and lettering were created in BforArtists, and the pears were created in Inkscape. The 3D image was saved as a .png, and opened in Microsoft Paint 3D where I inserted the Inkscape file that I had previously saved in the same format. There, I pasted the pears with their transparent background onto the sign board. Then I saved and closed the file. That's really all there is to it.


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Nice Image, as usual. The pears are hard to see though. So you should imho overthink the background.

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Hello Reiner,

Thank you for your comments. I wasn't aiming for artistic correctness here, but to imitate signs I have actually seen in arboretums here in California. One was of an oak tree rather than a pear tree, but composed in a similar manner to this sign.

It looked very pleasant with the painted letters carved in relief into the oak panel, and a decal of acorns and oak leaves affixed to the oak background. The tree was a juvenile Coast Live Oak, and the sign showed what to expect of the adult tree. With the soft lighting upon the sign and the shadows of all the trees, it had a very charming museum-like effect which I have endeavored to reproduce here.

George A. Rushing