Project: OO - The BPR Animation

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Proud to present a fun project of a happy client that we did for them mostly entirely in Bforartists. We made graphics in Krita and Flash CS3 and Inkscape, then built the rest with Blender/Bforartists and animated and rendered the rest with Bforartists. We put in post Motionblur with Virtual Dub and AVIsyth.

Thanks to the team Miguel Stephens, Christian Camargo and Andres Stephens for this one and the voice talent of Jason Lechak and Nicholas Ellingson and Francisco Zambrano and Juan Pablo Rojas for the great work.

Interesting Facts:
-8 Characters = 1 rig
-Render was done in the viewport with OpenGL, even without Eevee from 2.8
-240 hours were used for this production over 5 weeks.
-Animation was heavily dependant on animation clips

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Very cool. -  Great to see a such a complex animation project done in BforArtists. I really like the 2.5D cartoon style. The only thing that bothers me is the thick black mouth of the characters, could have been thinner and maybe a bit more "naturally toned" instead of jet black in my eyes.

You should make a little facbook breakdown series from this with some behind the scenes screenshots, maybe concept art and some insights how BfA made this possible, that might get some interaction going on the facebook site. Wink

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Good idea.  I've been slow on the publications this month.  This could be a good filler.


Also good idea on the mouths. They were the hardest to rig and they caused problems. They were the only factor to not render in UE4. Next time I'd totally use a different technique. The muted mouth colours also is a good idea.  original concept didn't have that but it would have masked the issues I was having.  Wish you said this earlier haha!