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I have removed the add menu in the header of the 3D view since it is one big double menu entry. This turns out to be a big mistake since is causing issues with some addons. The ones that adds entries to the Add menu.  I have as a first solution fixed the included addons to add their entries elsewhere. However, there are over 2000 addons out there. Some might still have trouble with the missing menu. And we simply cannot fix all available addons. Especially when they change and update. And they will.

So the idea is to revert the changes at the addons, and to readd the add menu at a place where it doesn't disturb too much. In the tool shelf in the Create panel for example.

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This one stays a can of worms.

We would have to readd the whole Add menu, including all the obsolete sub menus.

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First part done. I've added the add menu to the create part of the tool shelf now. With empty menus.

Now let's revert the addons that works with this add menu.

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Looking good. The changes at the following addons were reverted. They are now the same than the ones in Blender.

Add Dimension
Add Curve Extra Objects
Curve Simplify
ANT Landscape
Atom Cluster
Bolt Factory
Extra Objects
Rock Generator
SCA Tree Generator
Fracture Tools
Images as Planes
Grease Scatter
Make Thread Mesh
Oscurart Chain and Rope Maker
Amaranth Toolset
Curve Tools 2
Simple Curve
Test Scene, Light, Camera
Add Camera Rig

There are still some addons left that needed a modification. The ones that adds themselves to the Special menus for example. I cannot think of a useful solution here. I don't want to add the Special menus nonsense somewhere in the UI too. But the number of addons that needs a fix for Bforartists is gone down by a big amount here.

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This part is fixed in master

Now let's rethink the remaining hand full of addons ...

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Make the specials menu accessible from the UI? Do not want! Same counts for readding the other menu items that we have removed for good reasons I-m so happy

This task is done. Closing

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