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In Sculpt Mode, there is a Tools tab with a Symmetry/Lock panel. This does seem to be a reoccuring global brush feature - raising the UI issue that some of these panels are global and more "sculpt options" instead of local brush "tool options". Either we need to unify the "Brush" panel or remove the Global Options (Dynatopo and Symmetry) into the Options Tab or this entire panel and workflow can be entirely changed and optimized. After discussion, each will be made into a new task:

  1. [Suggestion] Entire panel is a global option that could be moved to the Options Tab Why? Because the tool are dyamic to the brushes, but some options are global meaning they are more options instead of brush centric - though some of these options are used and changed often.
  2. [Alternative Suggestion] Only basic Mirror features could be added to a "Global Brush Options" along with basic Dynatopo toggle/features and the rest can be moved to the Options Tab Why? Due to some global options being changed often, some advanced options could be moved to the Options tab, taking away bloat, and leaving some global bursh options in seperate panel along with basic Dynatopo features in the Tool Tab - for quick access.. The new panel would cover the idea that some of the brush settings are global and the rest not - keeping all global sculpt options (or the majority) in the Options Tab. 
  3. [Task] Make a zip group for advanced options. Why? Only if Panel stays in the Tools Tab with all feature sets.


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Tue, 02/27/2018 - 17:10
Wed, 02/28/2018 - 14:46


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Three tasks at once. Please split it up Smile

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Again, I will split the tasks up once we have reviewed the areas and the subtasks with some thought, THEN I'll close this task and make the 3 subtasks (or less). This is just "Investigation" as stated in the header so the process is thought out ruling out absurd changes or making better ones. These are open to debate.

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Okay Smile

But i usually start deeper thinking either in the moment when i create the task, or in the moment when i fulfill the task. I need to have my head in the issue. Which i don't have at the moment. Currently i wait with what you come up with.

That said, it's okay when you need this tasks to sort yourself here. Everything working is allowed. Just don't overdo. We have already several open tasks for the keymap, where one could be enough Smile

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Ah ok. haha, here I was trying to be democratic hahaha.The subtasks are pretty standard. There is only one major question that covers two areas at hand that could be debated and may be critical. So..I'll decide on each then make the subtasks and close these "investigation" tasks and make that key question a feature request.. 

After work.


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Democracy comes when i decide Biggrin

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