[Showcase] Client: Pavco

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I decided to clean up my portfolio and update it with the work I've done this year. I happened to compile a bunch of data based off a bunch of videos we completed. I have to say.. we've done a lot of work for this client.

As a team... this was only a fraction of the work this year, in total we've done around 860 hours of work. 360 went to this project... I think things are going relatively well. Though, I still need to work on sustainability and growth.

Must keep growing.

I am proud to say half of these videos were done in the UI friendly focused fork of Bforartists. I really hope the fork continues on the source of 2.8 - and also am quietly concerned yet happy that some of the work may not be as necessary as before with 2.8, but still necessary and maybe a little more complicated.. I hope it's easier and that the next chapter I be a little more useful.

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