Snail in forest

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This image was a test project for Bforartists. A forest scene with a snail.

The trees and the mushrooms are some old game assets, made with trueSpace and Blender years ago. The rest was created in Bforartists.

Render time: 8 minutes with 10 square samples. Filmic is on. Post processing with adding some mist. Gimp for leveling.

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Have changed the image since i have rendered a newer version meanwhile. Now the snailhouse is brown, the displacement at the ground not so strong anymore, and the colors are a bit more powerful.

See thread here:

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Hello Reiner,

It all looks good in an animated-film-still-image sort of way. A slime trail behind the snail would add an additional touch of realism. Well done, I say.


George A. Rushing