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Manual updated to Bforartists 0.9.7

The manual is now updated to the latest version Bforartists 0.9.7. It can as usual be found in the wiki:

Changed files: 

2.1 Bforartists Standard Keymap.odt
2.2 Layouts.odt
3.1.1 - 3D View by tools - Tool Shelf.odt
3.1.2 - 3D View by tools - Header.odt
3.1.3 - 3D View by tools - Properties Sidebar.odt
3.14 Editors - Toolbar Editor.odt
3.3 Editors - UV-Image Editor.odt
20 Bforartists History.odt

And of course the full pdf file.

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Bforartists 0.9.7 released

Bforartists 0.9.7 is ready. The binaries can as usual found here:

The release note can be found here:

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Mac Version of Bforartists 0.9.6 available

It has took a while, but now it's there. The Mac version of Bforartists 0.9.6 is available. Many thanks Andre Smile

Grab it in the download section.

The linux version is still missing though. But we hope to get this fixed in the next days.

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Windows Installer updated

We have made a small modification at the installer. We found a way to implement the file association with a checkbox. And so we have now the same functionality than in the old installers.

The content is the same. So there is no need to redownload the installer.

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Moving the tracker to Github

We have decided to switch to the tracker at Github for issue organization and bug reports. It is the better tracker system. And our issue tracker at the page is in the way for the port of the page to Drupal 8. The issue tracker module is not ported yet. And most probably never will.

New issues goes already into the Github tracker. The remaining issues at our issue tracker will be dealt with as far as possible. And the rest will be ported to the Github tracker then.  New bug reports and issues should be started at the tracker at Github if possible.

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Seeking for maintainers for the Mac and Linux version

We have currently unfortunately nobody who could compile the binary versions for Mac an Linux. So when you have the time and the knowledge, every help is welcome Smile

It's not all lost when you use Mac or Linux though. You can still compile it by yourself. The source code can be found at Github:

The tutorials from Blender works the same for Bforartists, And it is not this complicated. The complicated part is to compile the Linux version with static libraries so that it becomes portable. But when you compile it for yourself then you use dynamic libraries, which should work trouble free :

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Manual updated to Bforartists 0.9.6

The manual is now also up to date. The changes for Bforartists 0.9.6 are added and the content is updated. New is the chapter 3.1.2 - 3D View by tools - Header.pdf. It explains all the menus and its tools from the header area. This means that the Bforartists manual for the 3D view editor is now complete. Remains the other editors I-m so happy

In detail the changes are as follow:

Files added:

3.1.2 - 3D View by tools - Header.pdf

Files removed:


Files modified:

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Bforartists 0.9.6 released

It took a while. But now Bforartists 0.9.6 is here. The Windows versions are already up and running. You can find it in the downloads section. Mac and Linux versions will hopelfully follow soon.

The Bforartists 0.9.6 release brings the changes from Blender 2.79a. Which are around 200 fixed bugs. Bforartists adds around 260 resolved tasks on top of it.

The biggest change is that it brings around 450 new Icons. Now nearly every menu item has icons. It brings also updates to the addons. We have removed quite a few double menu entries again. And quite a few properties have moved from the header menus into tool shelf and properties sidebars.

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New download category Developer Build

We usually release a new version when we either have something big finished, or when a new Blender version is ready. But the waiting for the long announced Blender version 2.79a lasts already ways too long. It was once announced for the beginning of december. Then christmas. And the latest date, wednesday, passed also by without a release.

Well, it doesn't make sense to release a new Bforartists version when Blender 2.79a is nearly finished. And so we decided to establish a permanent developer build. To give you as the user a way to have a look at what will come with the next official Bforartists release. To play around with the newest changes. And to have an up to date version for bug hunting and feedback.

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New Video tutorials - UV Mapping Methods

I have started a video tutorial series around UV mapping. The first part is 11 short videos long, and explains the different mapping methods. It also includes a short video that explains how to add a checker texture when you map with Cycles renderer.

The tutorial series can be found here:

Or directly in the Youtube Playlist:


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