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Why this Blender fork?

The short answer is: because it is more than time that somebody fixes the cruel Blender UI! The UI dilemma already has lasted for too long. And i simply don't see the currently responsible staff being able to do that. Even after their recent announcement to have a break for one year and finally tackle the UI issue. It's still the same people responsible with still the same odd ideas about UI / UX design. The same people who didn't manage to create a good UI in the past 13 years. So chances are very small that they manage it this time.

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Bforartists is starting

Hello friends,

This is it, we are live.

So what is Bforartists? In short: Bforartists is a project to create a Blender fork with a much better UI and usability. And with the goal to fix all those crazy UI / UX design issues from the past. Like the almighty RMB select issue, which has stopped generations of wanabee Blender users right in the first five seconds.


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