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Manual updated, new chapter Layouts

I have started to rewrite the manual. I have also added a first new chapter the name is:"2.2 - Layouts". In this chapter are some section which are very similiar to the ones from chapter 2 in general. I will fix them as soon as I found some time for it.

The manual has also been updated for Bforartists Version 0.5.0. This was again just the entry in the history since the elements which have changed couldn't be found in the manual yet.

I really need to rewrite the manual to something more useful. This stuff is really annoying...

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Bforartists Version 0.5.0 released

We have reached a milestone release. Version 0.5.0 marks the end of this development cycle. This release brings tabs, or better said buttons, to switch between the animation editors. To switch between Outliner and Properties Editor. And adds buttons to switch between the most important standard layouts. New is the Wire Tools Addon from Lapineige. New is the Smart Delete addon. The Animation layout is revamped. And a few other minor changes. We have also a new splash screen. It comes from a user of the german CG Community page 3D Ring called TiLation. Many thanks for this fine splash screen image.

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Bforartists Version 0.4.2 released

Bforartists 0.4.2  is another small release mainly around tooltips and small quirks. There are still some single line tooltips left. But it makes no sense to change them to multiline tooltips for most of them. New is the Materials Library FX addon. This one is also natively included into Blender 2.78 now. I still have to decide if i deliver this addon in future releases activated or not. The loading times are drastically increased when this addon is active.

The download can as usually be found in the downloads section.
The release note can be found here:

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Manual updated to Bforartists 0.4.1

I have updated the manual to reflect the changes from Bforartists 0.4.1

Affected are the chapters 2.1 Bforartists Standard Keymap, 3.1 Editors - 3D View.pdf and 18 Bforartists History.

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Bforartists Version 0.4.1 released

A new version of Bforartists is ready. This release is mainly around tooltip issues.

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Manual updated to Bforartists 0.4.0

I have updated the manual to reflect the changes from Bforartists 0.4.0

Affected are the chapters 3.1 Editors - 3D View.pdf, 3.3 Editors - UV-Image Editor.pdf and 5.1 Modeling - Meshes.pdf

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Giving up the chatroom

I give up the chatroom. I have removed it from the menu now. And i will not join there anymore. I was mainly alone in there anyways. And i simply overlooked the rare moments when somebody really joined and had a question, being busy with other things. And this just produces unhappy bunnies. And so i turn the chatroom finally off. Sorry to the folks that have joined and did not get an answer. It was not my intention to be impolite.

Please use the forum and the PM system to get in touch with me. Or the email adress that you can find in the impressum. That way we can also arrange a chat meeting when there is a need to.

Laters, Reiner

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Fed up with Blender Artists, the official Blender community page

This is a really sad news. But  i simply have to point at this dark chapter of the Bforartists history. Trolling. Open source projects knows this problem too well. And in the very most cases you simply ignore the trolls. It's wasted time to discuss with the  poisoned folks.

But there is a point where you cannot ignore it anymore. When it becomes character assassination. And that's exactly what happened with the fork and me at the official Blender community page Blender Artists.

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Bforartists Version 0.4.0 released

Another small release. This release is the final stroke below two very big issues that did not work. The try to implement the UI solution Qt. And the try to implement new Editor types. This two biggies have eaten lots of time, without a visible result.

The 0.4 series will be reserved for some workflow refinements now instead. For example hunting for more double menu entries. Adding more tools into the tool shelf, which also means new icons. Redo the tooltips, now that we have multiline tooltips available. And other things in that scope. 0.4.0 is the first release in this series. More to come in the nearer future. I will now try to post new builds more regularly again.

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New Developer Doc - Implementing a new editor type

I have tried to implement a new editor type as you may know. And then abandoned it, since the last chapter made too much trouble. I will try to implement the needed features into the existing editors now.

The try was not a complete fail though. The first two chapters, creating the basic editor and adding a file menu, worked fine. The third chapter, the theming, was also working in the end. Even when i am not so sure if it was done correct. And just the last chapter, to add the content to the new editor, made big trouble then.

That's three of four working. Enough for a little document that describes the necessary steps. And so i decided to put the information online before the information starts to rot at my hdd. Maybe it helps the one or another.


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