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IssueSculpt Toolbar and Sculpting Workflow Improvements - Feature Request Draise121 year 1 week ago
IssueSculpt Workflow: Tab Tools > Stroke - Advanced zip group Draise41 year 1 week ago
IssueImportant Hotkeys tool for the Clip Editor Reiner111 year 1 week ago
IssueTest CTRL-Drag border select in the experimental Key Map davis71 year 1 week ago
IssueChange 3d Manipulators Shortcuts to WER and WER to Shift-WER davis161 year 1 week ago
IssueMissing toolbar content at second monitor Reiner61 year 1 week ago
IssueLclick inconsistency with Dopesheet/Graph editor, request to make it Lclick Draise221 year 1 week ago
IssueD for Grease Pencil and D for Focus Selection - conflict Draise431 year 1 week ago
IssueSolution to a number of conflicts: SHIFT+Lclick for radius + strength UI wide Draise91 year 1 week ago
IssueCreate a Bforartists Full keymap Reiner591 year 1 week ago
IssueGrease Pencil Pie menus included in hotkeys, not available as feature/conflicts Draise111 year 1 week ago
IssueMac - Output panel only contains option for directory, other options missing Reiner51 year 1 week ago
IssueGo through the separated tooltip classes and check for hotkeys that doesn't show in the menus. Reiner41 year 1 week ago
IssueImportant Hotkey addon, extend for Edit Strokes mode Reiner41 year 1 week ago
ArticleMoving the tracker to Github Reiner01 year 1 week ago
IssueRework Keymaps - (formerly Snap Menu Shortcut Error (Shift+S) - Missing) Armitage1982261 year 1 week ago
ArticleSeeking for maintainers for the Mac and Linux version Reiner01 year 1 week ago
IssueInvestigate to enumerate the layouts Reiner151 year 1 week ago
IssueWarning use_all_regions not found Reiner31 year 2 weeks ago
IssueSculpt Workflow: Tab Options - Rename entries to make more sense to new users Draise31 year 2 weeks ago
IssueName inconsistency for center view in Image editor Reiner31 year 2 weeks ago
IssueObject Mode to Edit Mode direct operator hotkey jump workflow improvement Draise31 year 2 weeks ago
Issue3D View - View menu - missing hotkey entry at menu item View Selected All Regions Reiner61 year 2 weeks ago
IssueW for Weight Radius conflicts with BFA defaults in Weight Paint Mode Draise121 year 2 weeks ago
IssueCheck Full BFA shortcuts: Map Pose Draise61 year 2 weeks ago