Bforartists Wiki

The Bforartists Wiki is made of several parts

Bforartists 1 Manual - The official Manual for Bforartists Version 1

Bforartists 2 Manual - The official Manual for Bforartists Version 2 - Note that this page is work in progress, and does not contain all content yet.

Tutorials - Here you can find various learning videos for Bforartists Version 1

FAQ - The frequently asked questions

Plugin Database for Bforartists 1 - This is the place where you can find relevant downloads, links and informations about the addons for Bforartists 1. Some of the Blender Addons needed a fix to work in Bforartists 1.

Release Notes - Here you can have a look at the Release Notes.

Developer Docs - This area is used to share information with the Bforartists developers.

Credits Page Bforartists - The staff around Bforartists. Every committer, no matter which position (programmer, wiki writer or other volunteers) will get mentioned here.

Tip of the day - Here you can find a collection of tips. This page allows to access all tip of the days at once.

The Python API that we use for Bforartists is the same than the one from Blender. And they update their documentation regularly. Something that we cannot guarantee. Which is the reason why we stopped to host our own version. So you better use the Blender API instead.

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Here you can find a press kit with some official image material. It's basically a few icons and the images from the Features page. 3.37 Mb: